Simplify how you sell online

A 360° app with easy tools to quickly build a free online store or catalog. Stress-free inventory and order management to sell more in person, online and on social media and to grow repeat business.

ur free online store

Set up your WhatsApp integrated online store and start taking orders in 5-minutes or less. Its quick. Its easy. Its FREE.

Offer unlimited products as an online catalogue or digital menu

Organise products, offer variants, add tags & assign inventory

Offer delivery, pickup or in-store order fulfillment

Direct offline payments. Online payments option - coming soon

ur direct link to customers

Broadcast your store link so your customers find, chat & place orders with ease on WhatsApp.

Share store, categories and product links on Whatsapp & social media

Realtime notifications of store visits & customer orders

Save time with Quick messages & easy communication with customers

Build your real and rich customer database. Know your customer

exactly what ur business needs

Fulfill orders through WhatsApp and retain control and ownership of your customers and profits. Make ur business grow on your own.

Verified customers via otp & Order receipts on WhatsApp

Accept or deny orders. Edit orders to partially fulfill

Understand customer buying habits to improve conversion & loyalty

Insights to help take informed decisions & fuel growth

Pricing Plans


Rs.5900 for 12 months

- Full featured usage

- No Monthly sale limit

- Assisted Onboarding


Free forever

- Full featured usage

- Monthly sale limit Rs.10000

- Email/WhatsApp support

Facts & Questions

What does urordr app do?

Urordr empowers small and medium businesses, new or established, to setup and run an online store on their own and start taking orders on WhatsApp in 5-minutes or less. Unlike large eCommerce platforms that charge a lot and hold control, a Urordr store owner will have complete control and ownership of their store, their products, their customers, their deliveries, and their profits for free or a small and flat monthly fee.

Why did we build urordr?

As a small business owner, our journey from offline sales and orders to online, was filled with uncharted territory, unending complexities and failed choices which lead to a loss of time and revenue. Hence came Urordr. We took it on us to accelerate this journey with simple and quick tools to easily launch and manage an online business and grow customer loyalty.

Who is urordr useful for?

90% of all commerce happens in brick and mortar stores. Urordr is versatile and capable to help any retail or services buisness go online. Our platform has seen great success for retail, grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, shops, and even home businesses alike.

Why isn’t urordr app completely free?

Unlike other apps that will try sell your data or bombard you with ads, Urordr opts for a more honest business model where you can use for free with a preset limit or pay a small flat fee and use unlimited.

Why is there no payment gateway integrated?

Urordr is on a mission of empowering new and small business owners to be self reliant. The aim is not be an aggregator like other e-commerce platforms that collect payments and charge a commission. Urordr, instead, promotes direct payements to the merchant and is committed to integrate more offline and online options to support the same. More power to the business!

I have a lot of products to upload, need help?

Worry not! Bulk upload as feature is only available to our internal support team as of now. Till we release it for everyone, you can reach out to us on email or WhatsApp and we will assist you get started.

Can the urordr digital catalogue be used for in-store customers?

Ofcourse. Urordr store link can be effectively used by customers in-store to beat the checkout queue or even discover products better. It thus helps merchants meet heightened demand with lesser staff.

What else do I need to know?

A lot of work and research has gone into making this app, alas it cannot do the selling for you! It offers a collection of easy and quick tools for staying on top of your store online catalogue and order management without leaving the comfort of WhatsApp. We're looking forward to feedback from you merchants to help us add features and shape your experience better as we progress.