It’s all about the Digital Era…
Covid-19 has been a huge setback for the Indian economy, specially for small to mid-sized businesses. What really has transformed are these businesses going digital using technology. With WFH becoming the new normal in the pandemic, technology is enabling people to work together and enhance productivity. Although the generation was somewhat pushed into the entire concept of digitalization, we all soon came to realize the benefits of going digital. Lot of us would now prefer the digital ways than traditional ways in many scenarios.

What resulted to the rapid growth of digital ways over traditional ways?

The digital penetration in our country has increased a lot due to the Government of India introducing initiatives like Digital India and Skill India. Therefore, there is a high demand of mobile apps, websites to provide better solutions to real life problems.

Millennials are the new customers! The need of the hour is to attract them since they use smartphones for all aspects of their life. At one click of their mobile phone, they can order food, groceries, pay bills etc. The list is endless. With a good number of consumers online, the benefits of going digital for a merchant automatically increases.

Why is digital transformation important?

The first thing that we do nowadays, when we want something- Look it up on a search engine! What’s search engine? A digital platform where people head at, to find stuff. So, as a merchant, what do we need to do? Make sure search engines knows you! How will search engines know you? With you making sure of getting a digital presence for yourself.
Now, this was the simplest explanation.

Let’s look at it from a more professional point of view:-
  • Digital transformation helps to boost data collection, resource management, data-driven customer insights, thereby improving the overall customer experience. The businesses at the forefront of digital revolution earn much more authority and trust from their customers. It helps businesses earn more brownie points of their customers by introducing real-time business agility.
  • One of the biggest benefits of moving towards digital is the ability to track metrics and analyze data. These insights allow churning data and strategize effectively. The digital age has also brought about a surge in business competitiveness. This is the central reason that inspires organizations to take the digital leap.
  • With the Zoom meetings becoming the norm, performance and productivity improvement is happening on a massive scale. Content and Social media marketing helps to expand the audience reach. One may get to know their niche with the online presence – what works for them and what does not.
  • Another advantage is also moving towards a cashless economy. Digital transformation and marketing may also prove to be cost-effective and by going paperless, you help the environmental be sustainable as well.
The Rise of E-Commerce in India is evident enough to show the merchants, that the right choice currently is to go digital.

People are all for adopting and adapting digital tools in the current times. They want valuable and instant solutions to their problems. Although the benefits of going digital are tempting, people who are not so tech savvy might feel overwhelmed with the digital process. This is where Urordr comes into play.

Urordr is an all-in-one app to quickly build a free online store or catalog and manage orders or inventory with ease. It simplifies selling more in person, online and on social media and growing repeat business.

Urordr’s features include-
  • Quick start – From no store to your own store in just a few minutes
  • Ease of use – No technical knowledge needed. Simple and intuitive interface like whatsapp. It is available on both Ios and Android devices
  • All-in-one – A full ecosystem of services in a single app : updation of catalog to managing orders and engaging your customers
  • Zero Commitment to start – No overhead or cost for the business to try and realize value and fit
  • Transparent pricing and committed support

So, what are you waiting for?