To schedule and manage all your deliveries,  various platforms offer the best delivery services. Let us learn how to set up accounts with them.

Shiprocket is an all-in-one shipping solution, changing the delivery game.

Step 1 – Download Shiprocket App on your phone from Play Store/App Store.

Step 2 – Verfiy your mobile number through the OTP and enter your basic details. Save and continue.



Bravo! Your Shiprocket account has been registered. You shall receive a text notification too. Now you can start placing your delivery orders.

Step 3 – You can view the dashboard here and proceed accordingly.

Shiprocket Dashboard page

Dashboard of your shiprocket account


Step 4 – Click on Orders and place a new order to get started.


Step 5 – Add order and package details with pickup and delivery address, product details, weight and dimensions, cost of the product etc.

Proceed next and click save. Your invoice is ready to be generated.



Step 6 – Go to Orders to view your order. Click on Ship Now, add sufficient balance into your account.


All done and dusted. There, you are ready to deliver your products.



Next we shall learn, how to set up your own SwiggyGenie Account. This is fairly simple because you can run Genie through the Swiggy app itself.

Step 1 – Open Swiggy app and click on Genie.

Step 2 – Enter both pickup and delivery address here, along with the task details.


Note – The payment is calculated based on the distance of the pickup and delivery location. Once you pay, your task is set up for delivery. Yay!

Genie also has the option of setting up your own Genie Business Account. Let us see what is this all about.


Step 1 – Register your Genie Link for business.


Step 2 – Get started now. Enter your business details like name, location, business timings and verify your mobile number through OTP.


Step 4 – Confirm the link, and you are all done. So easy!

Share this link with all your contacts for ease of business and managing deliveries.

Last, but not the least, look what we have here.

Send packages across the city with Dunzo.

  • Download the Dunzo app and verify your mobile number.

    Set up your delivery with DUnzo

    Steps to create a Dunzo account



  •  You just need to mention the pickup and delivery address and select the package contents.Steps to set up your Dunzo delivery account
  • The amount is charged based on the distance. Choose any payment method. Pay and get your products delivered.

Now you are fully equipped to ship your products across the city and outside too.