While starting an online business, an owner has to think of multiple points: Website hosting, web designers, catalog designing, team to manage orders, etc. All of it can cost you a lot of effort as well as money. If you’re looking for a simpler and cheaper way to create an online store, Urordr can be an effective solution for you. See how you can create and grow your digital store for free with the help of UrOrdr.

Steps to create an online store website for free!

  1. Download the UrOrdr app.
  2. Sign in via your Whatsapp number and name.
  3. You’ll receive an OTP. Submit the correct OTP.
  4. Type in your store name to generate your store link and proceed. Hurrrayyyy!! Your Online Store is ready!!!
How Urordr app helps a merchant to create and grow a digital store-
  1. Creating the online store takes you only 1min. The steps are super simple.
  2. The app provides you tools to create a virtual catalog that automatically helps you avoid the efforts of designing a catalog of your own.
  3. Tools to manage orders are also present. You’ll find all your orders on a single page, alongside order status and details.
  4. You get to directly communicate with your clients without any involvement of the app.
  5. When we say online store for free, we mean it. No installation charge, or commission or profit sharing required.
  6. Get full free feature usage of the app.
  7. Check weekly/monthly/lifetime insights of your stores.
  8. Customize and personalize your stores.
  9. Get the option of automated responses, that sends your customers an update instantly without your manual labour.
  10. See who visits your stores. Find out which of your products are working the best. You’ll find everything about your store on your fingertips. Get all of these perks and much more on UrOrdr app!