Read about the latest feature of UrOrdr App!

To make sure that your customers know how they can receive their orders from your online store, it is important to add details from your end. The ‘Delivery and Pickup’ feature helps you exactly with that. You can be a takeaway café in the town that does not provide home delivery, but your customers can pre-order online and take their orders on the go. Turn on the ‘Pickup’ option is the best thing to do.

The latest version of the app brings you the options of setting your store’s Delivery and Pickup options, which will be visible to your customers. You can customize them whenever you want!

Check the screenshots to know more.

Step 1-

Home page of UrOrdr App

Once you open the app, the home page shows the option of ‘Settings’. Click that (that’s marked on the image after all. Duh!)


Step 2-

The next step is very difficult, which you couldn’t have figured out without our professional help. So, to customize your Delivery and pickup settings, you’ll have to select the ‘Delivery and Pickup’ option. Phew! You just cleared the most difficult step. Haha!


Step 3-

Guide to the General delivery and pickup settings for your online store.

If you as a merchant are okay to accept same day orders, then switch on this option and fill in the details. Such as, the time period by which your customers can expect the order. You can also drop a note for your customers which can specify your availability or unavailability in certain regions etc.


Step 4-

Guide to customizing Delivery settings of your online store.

Urordr’s customization options for your delivery system allows you to put in a delivery charge based on both, distance and order value.

How cool is that? Yeah, we’re very smart. Thanks!



Step 5-

Guide to customizing Pickup settings for your online store.

The ‘Pickup’ setting couldn’t have been more difficult to figure out. Right!
Jokes apart, if your business allows takeaway or pickups by the customers themselves, then this is the right option for you.
You can also drop notes such as… ‘Don’t ring the doorbell, it annoys my dog!’

Pro-tip: Make sure your store/business location is descriptive and clearly identifiable by your customers. You don’t want your customers to get lost now, do you?