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Common Technical resolutions

Here are some of the common Technical Resolutions –

  • Cant login – Check if the username password is correct and the device has internet connectivity
  • No products visible on store – Is store enabled in the app
  • Customer side store not loading – Clear cache – close browser and re-click the store link to access it
  • Customer cant complete checkout – Has customer selected either delivery/pickup for the order
  • Change store link – Get in touch with Urordr Care team with the request and wherever possible, it will be changed
  • Did not get order info on Whatsapp – The order will always show on the app – It depends on the customer to send the order on Whatsapp as a final action during the checkout process. At times some customers miss it, but the order is not lost.
  • Image got burred – Make sure to use high resolution JPEG pictures.
  • Adding multiple products manually – Simply email us the excel sheet to bulk upload your products in seconds.

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