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Features of a Urordr online store

Urordr offers you a gazillion features to create your store with.

If you haven’t already created an online store on Urordr, do it now so you can see all of these features for yourself.

1.Rich CRM segmentation with Insights – Segment and filter customers based on their buying behaviour to convert one time buyers to loyal customers

2. Inventory Ledger – Transactional ledger for all inventory sale and stock movements. Enables you to keep a close check and reconcile Inventory at hand for your online store

3. Custom Featured Items List – Create a featured items list of upto 10 products to showcase them as larger cards on the catalog screen. Set items order, and a desired list name to attract customers and promote these items for sales

4. Related items – Related items feature showcases related items that may share tags when one of them is shown in detail. It is the easiest way to prompt a customer to buy more than just what they are looking for

5. Personalised Onboarding Support – Let our e-commerce expert team assist you through your store building journey. We’re always available for a personalised one to one support and assistance

6. Barcode Integration – Update or add item SKU with the help of barcode scanning on your phone. Maintain and update inventory with ease

7. Discount Coupons – Offer store level discounts for single or multiple use. Control whether these discount coupons are visible to all in store or use the code for private circulation only

8. Store Timings with Closed Days – Take orders or not at will with an easy flick of a button. Take orders 24×7 or set store timings and days closed. While closed, a customer can still browse the products and raise a query, just not be able to create a cart

9. Delivery and Pickup – Offer Shipping, delivery and pickup as methods of order fulfillment to your customers. Set conditions for each method so customers can chose the way the wish to receive their order with clarity

10. Payment Links with 0% Commission – Deep integration with UPI and Paytm to generate payment collection links which can be easily shared with your buyers to pay directly to your account for 0% commission.

We’ll keep updating you with every new feature on Urordr, so stay tuned.

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