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Get inspired by some high converting Urordr stores

Urordr helps all businesses to go online to set up and run their own digital stores.

Let us learn about some quick hacks that our merchants are using to create a high value store.

1.You might have a wide range of products that you are selling. Divide your categories properly, add your items with pricing and use high resolutions images to reach to your audience. See how our favourite bakery Good bakery is running their store.



2. It is important to have all your business details in place. Branding is important. Add your store logo, cover image and use a bright font for you text. Just like Pack N Chew does.

3. You can sell anything through Urordr, right from bakery products, groceries, beauty items, appointments for salons or paintings. Look how our dearest painter Kavita Singh is using Urordr to sell her paintings.


4. You can use different styles to showcase your items to the customer. See how Kokoa Florra is using Instagram view to display your products.


Use these hacks to create your own high value digital store. 🙂

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