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Store Landing Page

Urordr`s landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for marketing purposes. This is the page a visitor “lands” on when they click.

Grow your business & find new customers. Get online quickly. Get a fully branded online business page, optimised to open on all devices, with your logo to setup a digital identity and enhance online presence for your business.

  • Store Logo – A logo grabs attention and makes a strong first impression


  • Cover Image – Use a cover image to give your audience a vibe about your brand and personality


  • About us – It is a space where customers get to know more about your brand and digital store.


  • Highlight the uniqueness of your store.


  • Checkout Terms – It is important to clearly mention the checkout terms. It will help customers to have a smooth and quick checkout process.


  • Returns and Refunds – Mention your returns and refunds policies of the store to enhance clarity.


The address, social links and store timings are also displayed in the store landing page.

Be creative to engage your audience, while sharing prominent business information.

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