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Top reasons for taking your business Online with Urordr

Worried how to take your business online? Urordr is here for all your needs.

Here are top reasons for taking your business online with Urordr –

    • Unlimited Products and Categories¬†Build a beautiful catalog of product or services that your business provides. Add as many listings as you want and organise them into categories to make shopping easy for your customers
    • Payment Links with 0% Commission – Deep integration with UPI and Paytm to generate payment collection links which can be easily shared with your buyers to pay directly to your account for 0% commission.
    • Store Branding & custom colours – Build an aesthetically pleasing online store and use your creativity to enhance the colours of your store and build your brand stronger.
    • Multi Use App – Manage Urordr on your own or with the help of a team without extra effort or permissions. The same app is capable for being used by multiple users at the same time
    • Qr code ordering – Download and Display a readymade QR code fro your customers to scan, browse store catalog and place orders in minutes using their own devices. Avoid Queues and customer waiting times with this feature
    • WhatsApp Customer Chat Integrated – Your online store comes integrated with WhatsApp quick chat option . A customer can start a quick conversation in one click directly making capturing leads and answering queries easier and faster than ever

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The entire world is online. So what are you waiting for?

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