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WhatsApp linked ONLINE STORE

Get your Free Ecommerce Website

A simple signup launches a fully featured online ordering website for your business. You get a ready to use business domain on yourbusiness.urordr.at for free. All features and integrations come pre-configured under the hood so you can sell more digitally.

Get a free Ecommerce Website
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ENJOY Realtime Control

Instantly Customisable

Match your brand with easy customisation, Pause orders or Hide and show products in your store anytime you like. Control everything on the go from the Urordr mobile app. No more waiting for developers or designers to affect change.

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Hassle-free Management

Digital Product Catalogs

Instantly gain product visibility with a beautiful, mobile view optimised digital catalog. Group and arrange products in categories, add tags and multiple images to make it easy for customers to browse and place orders whenever they please.

Build a Digital Catalog
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Accept orders 24x7

Easy Order Processing

Improve business conversion by reducing the order turn around times. Get notified about incoming orders on the app and Whatsapp ensuring you never miss an order again. Cater to a wider range of requests by offering pre-ordering.

Setup Online Ordering
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Direct Payments

Smooth Checkout

Customers mostly abandon carts due to lengthy and cluttered checkouts. We've removed the friction with a simple and accelerated checkout process that enhances repeat purchase behaviour.

1-Click Checkouts for your Customers
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MArketing Tools

In-built Promotion

Engage your existing customers and attract new ones online with Urordr's in-built tools. Enable social commerce for your buiness by sharing ready to checkout links on social media. Convert your followers into customers.

Convert Customers Online
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Know your Customer's Mind

CRM & Business Analytics

Get to know your customer better. Visualise what gets sold and how often. Get notified when a customer visits your online store to track if they purchased or not. Use preset messages to reachout and increase chances of conversion.

Grow Repeat Business
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Purpose Built for Small Businesses

Ease of Business

Urordr app tackles the hard part and makes it easy to adopt technology for business owners like you. It gives you an ecosystem of simple yet powerful tools and features in the palm of your hand to grow your business digitally.

Simplify how you sell online

Stop giving your customers a reason to buy online from others

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