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In this article, we shall learn how to make your store look more appealing. Top 5 hacks!!

1. Store logo and Store Cover Image – Give your store a more personalized touch by uploading your logo and a store cover image. It helps to create brand awareness.

2. Highlight Banners – Use cool images to showcase your products at one glance to catch attention of your audience.

3. Flash Announcements – Display a flash announcement bar right on top of every page that a user may never miss. Use it for any kind of announcements about giveaways, discounts, notices

4. Colour/Theme of Store – Build an aesthetically pleasing online store and use your creativity to enhance the colours of your store and build your brand stronger. Like we have used here – Red as Theme and White as text colour.


5. Item Listing View – Showcase the products better depending upon their nature of images. This feature lets you define the store items display as an alphabetically sorted list, side by side cards or Instagram style full width larger image cards.






Aren`t these cool? Yes!!!

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