Building and sustaining a home-grown business can be tough, but Urordr is here to help you set up your digital store.

Vamika makes scrumptious breads at home. Her customers love her warm and soft breads – focaccia, multigrain bread, ciabatta and the likes.

During Covid-19, Vamika came across Urordr, which helped her business go digital and grew multifold with a simple transparent app without hidden or extra charges. It aims to provide committed support to its users. Now, Vamika has a full fledged breads business and that too online. She did tremendous sales with the help of the app.

Let’s see what Urordr is all about.

  1. Easy all in one App – Vamika found it extremely useful to use Urordr to create her Whatsapp integrated digital store. She used inbuilt tools like product, category and store sharing. She engaged with her customers over Whatsapp and social media with direct links to her store and products.
  2. Secure e-commerce website – Vamika needed no prior technical knowledge and created her store in minutes. The app follows the GDPR guidelines for privacy protection. Modern technology stack enables her to keep services running efficiently and securely.
  3. Catalog & Order Management – Vamika adds her lovely products through the catalog section in the app. Products are added and assigned to various categories or groups. She only needs to fill in the name and price of her product, or she can just bulk upload all products. Vamika gets more orders, inquiries and earns more money now.
  4. Real time Insights – Vamika got a chance to build direct relationship with her customers. Her customers order bread from her through her online store in seconds. The app provides real time insights to her about her orders & inventory, about the performance of her store, no of visitors, sales in process, feedback of her clients etc.
  5. Lifecycle Free support – Vamika is thankful to Urordr since the app has all the features to help her business grow. With continued and ongoing support provided to her, it has been easy for her scale of business. Now more breads coming our way.
Our bakers who are using Urordr to do online business – BreadsbyBanee, BreadsEtAl and many more.

Thinking of giving your business an online presence? Now is the time to do it. Urordr is the one stop solution for all your needs.


You heard the story of Vamika and know why UrOrdr App is a good choice to look forward to. In case of home business, having an online presence is extremely important. Although Urordr app currently won’t help you with marketing or branding tools, having an online store link with all your products listed in an organized way, automatically increases your business’s credibility.