How to Sell on Instagram with Urordr

Post the perfect IG pic and the followers will follow. When you want to sell on Instagram, you have to put in the extra amount of work, especially when you’re starting out. But don’t worry, we will tell you how to sell. Selling just became easier with Urordr. Jumpstart your online store in just 30 seconds.

When attempting to sell your brand on IG, it might take you a while to climb up to the top tier. We know that you want to increase your visibility, and want to be seen so you can attract more customers and make money.

There is a lot of competition for sure. who have already created a name for themselves. So back to the question, how do you actually stand out?

Before your heart breaks and you think about taking a loan, pause, take a deep breath, and believe that you are IG-worthy. Transform posts and stories into shopping experiences with product tags

And this is how you can make it on Instagram :

  1. Optimize your Instagram profile – Switch to a business account and keep a track on the analytics. It is important to know when your followers are most active and post accordingly. Set your store on Urordr and link it with Instagram. Choose any of your products to promote to your Facebook followers without spending any money.
  2. Know the crowd – It is important to know the target audience for your business. In recent years, Instagram has experienced steady and consistent growth. There are different kinds of buyers out there – from newbies to impulsive shoppers, to abandoned cart holders etc. If you learn how to handle all of their tastes, you might be rewarded with repeated sales. Urordr is here to take care of your inventory management.
  3. Don’t ditch the niche – Choosing the perfect niche for your IG profile is essential for your money-making endeavors. You need to have a dedicated segment for your product. Narrow down your posts to more interesting topics. You must be surprised by an increase in followers. Build an aesthetically pleasing store for your brand to engage with your audience.
  4. Rock that hash –The Instagram model works on hashtags as a way to boost views, track relevant information, target specific audiences, and create a call-to-action to your consumers. You should be smart enough to know what is trending and what is selling. Provide a consistent in-app shopping experience, from product discovery to checkout.


Hurry up! Your audience is online and you need to be there too. Build a beautiful catalog of product or services that your business provides with the help of Urordr. Add as many listings as you want and organise them into categories to make shopping easy for your customers. Online selling just got easy!