Your brand is a true representation of who you are as a business and how you wish to be perceived. Create a memorable experience for your customer and distinguish yourself from your competitor. Branding is a perpetual process and hence, never stops. The more you trust a brand, the better your perception of it and helps you build a stronger reputation.

Not to brag, but our latest update is so cool! Check out our new BRANDING feature on Urordr.  Let us tell you what all it does –

 General Settings

  1. Social Media Handles Integration- Now you can add all your social media links to your online store, in super easy way – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.
  2. Store Policies –  Add Checkout terms and engagement terms for returns and refunds of your store under this segment. This will provide transparency amidst you and your customer, and build a better relationship.
  3. Store Logo & Store Cover – Add your store logo and a cover image to give your store a personal touch.

Style Settings

  1. Theme and Text Colour- Customize your store by choosing a theme and text colour of your choice. Save the changes and it’ll reflect on your customer’s store view.
  2. Items listing view- In this new update you’ll find 3 new ways of listing your products- List view (display your items as a list), Side by Side View (display items as a grid) and Instagram View (display items as a single card)
View of Style settings

Style settings under Branding section

Other Settings

      1. Flash Announcements – You can catch the attention of your customers by flashing a notice or an              announcement like special offers, sale etc.

      2. Banners – Strong branding holds a positive impression of the company. Display banners on your                  catalog to engage your customer.

We told you these new updates are super cool, din`t we?