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Urordr works wonders for all Businesses alike

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Small Business

Urordr is an app to take your small business to the next step. The first step to successful stock control is to set up and organize all your products. We have made this entire process a breeze. Attract customer with eye- catching banners carrying announcements or offers on your webstore.

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Food and Bakeries

Manage your food outlets and bakeries in easy steps with Urordr. You can take orders from anywhere. Stay in sync with your staff and serve customers more quickly.You can add items to your orders,accept payments and whatsapp your customers directly. Assess your reports, understand your sales, revenue, profits and keep a check on your audience.

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Traders and Retailers

With Urordr, manage your orders quickly. Traders and retailers can add products to inventory with pictures, SKU code, cost and group them by category. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to engage with customers before, during, and after a sale is made. Showcase and attract your audience with a beautiful catalogue and increase your sales.

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Grocery and Kiosks

In today`s era, there is no need for a computer or a register to maintain records. Urordr is an all-in-one app to display all your products, maintain a transactional ledger for all inventory sale and stock movements. Build an aesthetically pleasing store to showcase all the groceries (spices, detergents, pulses etc)

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Speciality and Crafts

Selling art and craft items just got super interesting. Visualise the top products, categories and customers based on the interest and sales to get a pulse on what`s working.Match your brand with easy customization and captivate your customers with beautiful products and an appealing store.

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Home Business

Engage with your customers by running offers, add products to your cart with a single click, capture all customer information during checkout, use digital receipts and process transactions both online and offline. Running a business from home has never been easier. Manage Urordr on your own or with the help of a team without extra effort or permissions.

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Service Providers

Finding people for service has just gotten a whole lot easier and faster. Take orders to find a carpenter, plumber, beautician etcthrough your Android or iOS device. Find all the service providers with the help of a single click through Urordr. Related items feature showcases related items that may share tags when one of them is shown in detail.

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