As they say, behind every successful business lies one marvel idea or many rejected ideas. Any business starts to flourish, once it takes baby steps to develop its brand and relationship with its customers. One of the most profitable and upcoming businesses are the grocery stores. A grocery store is a retail store where you can take care of all your household needs such as pulses, soap, biscuits, sauces, chips etc. You will now spot a grocery store in every locality or at every corner of the street. But have you ever wondered how to start your own digital grocery store?

All you need is one app – URORDR. And Bam! Your digital store is ready.

The global food and grocery retail market size was valued at USD 11.7 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from 2020 to 2027. Increased disposable income as a result of economic growth has fueled the spending on consumables. With the increasing spending power of people in India, opening your own grocery store is a brilliant idea. Owing to the pandemic, the consumption of food and beverage per household has increased tremendously.

Having your online grocery store is a great bet because it has minimal risk and investment. Urordr App helps you set up your own digital store with a variety of product names, photos, a description, a product category, a price, a shipping cost, and a delivery date in your listings. One can inform the consumer a lot about the item in only one step. Creating your listing cites what you need to disclose to your potential buyers.

How does Urordr provide ease of business with no restrictions to create your own digital grocery store?

  1. Store branding & colours One can build an aesthetically pleasing online grocery store. Use your creativity to enhance the colours of your store and build your brand stronger.
  2. Unlimited products & categories – One can construct a beautiful digital catalog of all your groceries or services. Add as many listings, and organize them into categories to make shopping easy for your customers
  3. Customer variants with pricing – Organize your catalog better with variants (like different sizes, colours, configuration of same product ). Set variant level prices and run discounts on groceries to catch your customer`s attention
  4. Bulk upload Items – Uploading multiple grocery items to create your store has never been simpler. All you need is an excel sheet with item name and description along with the price, and there you go
  5. Whatsapp Receipts – Order receipts are generated and shared on WhatsApp during checkout by the Customer. This also avoids the need to share print invoices helping your business go green.
  6. Insights Dashboard Receive actionable insights across days, week and month to track the performance of your online store.

Our stores GoodGreens, TallTree are some of the businesses which have gone digital through Urordr.

Let our e-commerce expert team assist you through your store building journey. We are always available for a personalised one to one support and assistance.

Go digital with Urordr!