Set up your Razorpay Account with these easy steps –

Step 1 – Go to


Step 2 – Sign Up or Login using your company details or Google account

Step 3 – Once completed, you will see this screen with multiple options on the left hand side

Step 4 – You will have to fill in details to activate your account – Contact Info, Business Overview, Business Details, Bank Account etc.


Great job! Now you are all set to start receiving payments. You can view all payment methods here.


Step 5 – One important step is to generate your keys. Go to Settings and click on API keys on the top. You need to generate your key with a 2-step verification process. Use the OTP and activate the email sent on your email ID as well.


Note – You shall get a Merchant ID and your Secret key (which needs to be saved for future as well)

Step 6 – Go to your store on the Urordr app. Go to Settings > Payment > Razorpay. Copy and paste the Key and Secret generated in your Razorpay account in the two fields here. The app automatically generates a webhook URL for you. Click save and copy the URL.


Step 7 – Go back to your Razorpay account, click on Webhooks and add a new webhook. Paste your store URL (copied from Urordr) here and enter the secret key generated. Tick “Payments captured” from the list and save.

There you go!! All done and you can start accepting online payments.