Perhaps you have always dreamt of setting up your own online store, but feared how to get started. Here’s a quick guide to the world of online selling. Let’s see how we can become a successful online seller.`


Before starting out, spend time to do your research and make sure online business is the right platform for you. You can WFH permanently and still make a few bucks. The choice is yours. You might already be familiar with online shopping, especially if you have made an online purchase. You can follow your own interests and create your own brand.


Trust me, it’s not that difficult as a traditional business. Online selling has a very low barrier of entry, since it is not capital intensive and solves issues of storing your inventory too. But mind you, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Use our ready to go Storefront tool “Urordr” which helps you go digital in just minutes.


E-commerce platforms have become the backbone of any online retail shops. One must do everything to ensure your customers get the best experience, right from providing the right information to place an order to deliveries. If your product can solve your customer’s queries, you have won half the battle.


Tips & tricks to become a successful online seller with Urordr –

  1. Build a trusted online brand – Shoppers are pretty savvy, hence it is important to have a strong online presence and reputation. Trust needs to be built into every interaction the customer has with your business
  2. Establish your own e-commerce strategy – Rule out what doesn’t work for you and focus on enhancing your sales figures
  3. Create a great customer experience – Treat your customer like God and provide them with excellent online support.
  4. Give your online store a personal touch – Personalize your store to a strong image for your brand. Visual appearance is an important factor when making an online purchase
  5. Timely delivery – Ensure timely delivery of your products and keep your customer informed
  6. Advertise on Social Media – Social Media is the most powerful tool right now to reach to your customer. Google Analytics allows you to track the number of viewers and the reach of your Ad.
  7. Offer incentives and keep an eye on your competition – Sellers should actively run offers and discounts to draw the attention of the customer. One trick is to closely monitor what prices your competition is offering, too.
  8. Build an Outreach List – Growing your business involves more than just your customers. Networking helps to generate a buzz in the market and take advantage of email marketing.


Online stores give merchants complete freedom to craft every element of their store. Four words – “Engage with your audience” is the key. Organic word-of-mouth helps to spread awareness about your brand. Align your store as per your customers need and have an edge over competition. Reviews and ratings of your products help to boost trust. Track and analyze data to set up your strategy at each step of the user journey.


Come to Urordr to simplify online, WhatsApp and Social Media sales.